Gladiator Slot Machine – Pay Table Information

Gladiator Pay TableNo doubt you have read the review of Gladiator and have played Gladiator for free or are about to, well below is a detailed breakdown of the pay table employed by the Gladiator Slot Machine.

I cover every single symbol used in Gladiator, inclusive of the standard Nine, Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace symbols which seem to be predominate in slot machines.

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Gladiator is a 5 reel slot offering 25 paylines, of which any accumulative symbols appearing on a payline as detailed below provides the player with a win.  All  the symbols below are listed in ascending value, with the lowest value appearing at the top of the list.  The scatter and wild symbols used in Gladiator can be found at the bottom of the list.

For information concerning the two bonus feature rounds, The Coliseum Bonus and The Gladiator Bonus, these are covered in  detail in our review of Gladiator.

Nine Symbol

Gladiator Nine SymbolThe Nine Symbol is the lowest valued symbol in play in the slot, alongside the ten symbol detailed below. Payouts are only awarded upon hitting three or more 9’s on any of the winning paylines.

To be able win an amount exceeding the value of your spin you need to hit five 9 symbols on a payline to do so. You will find that the 9 Symbol appears the most out of all the symbols when playing Gladiator.

Ten Symbol

Gladiator Ten SymbolThe Ten Symbol is the joint lowest value symbol in play in Gladiator and can only achieve a winning payout by occurring on a winning payline at least three times.

Get used to seeing the Ten Symbol appearing many times while you play Gladiator.  As a low value symbol, you need to hit 5 tens on a payline to make it worthwhile.  With three or four tens not even returning your original bet stake.

Jack Symbol

Gladiator Jack SymbolThe Jack Symbol along with the Queen symbol is the second lowest value symbol in play in Gladiator. Unlike the Nine and Ten Symbols which are detailed above, hitting four Jacks on any winning pay line provides a return exceeding the value of your spin.

Payouts are only possible by achieving three or more Jacks on any one of the 25 winning paylines in play in the slot.


Queen Symbol

Gladiator Queen SymbolLike the Jack Symbol which is detailed directly above, the Queen Symbol in Gladiator is the joint second lowest value symbol in play.

Payouts are only awarded by hitting three or more Queens on any of the paylines in play in the game. By hitting four or more Queens on a payline, the return exceeds the amount bet.


King Symbol

Gladiator King SymbolThe third lowest value symbol that appears in Gladiator is the King Symbol. Initial payouts occur upon hitting a minimum of three King’s on a single payline.

A good filler symbol, getting a King on the Coliseum Bonus Round as your additional scatter should thus provide you with a decent return, due to the frequency the King appears during the game.


Ace Symbol

Gladiator Ace SymbolThe last of the standard playing card symbols, the Ace Symbol is worth the same value as the King Symbol and is the joint third lowest value symbol in the game.

Like the rest of the playing card symbols detailed above, the Ace’s appearance on the reels is fairly frequent and it’s payouts help to ensure your bankroll ticks over.


Juba Symbol

Gladiator Juba SymbolJuba is one of the central characters in the film and also the slot. Having befriended Russell Crowe’s character Maximus in the film.

The first of several picture symbols, you are required to have three or more Juba Symbols on a payline to achieve a win. Four or more Juba symbols returns an amount exceeding your stake.


Proximo Symbol

Proximo SymbolThe Proximo Symbol is based on the character Proximo so ably portrayed by the late Oliver Reed, in what turned out to be his last ever performance before his death. With Reed dying from a massive heart attack during a break in filming Gladiator, in  Valletta, Malta.

Proximo who was a freed slave in the Gladiator film is worth the same value as the Juba Symbol in the slot, paying out when appearing three or more times on any of the winning paylines in play.

Senator Gracchus Symbol

Senator Gracchus SymbolIf you start hitting paylines with Senator Gracchus then you will be happy, as three Gracchus symbols provides a return equalling the cost of your spin of the reels. Four or five Gracchus symbols in play provides a return exceeding the cost of a spin.

Another central character in the film. Senator Gracchus portrayed by Derek Jacobi is one of the Senators who opposes the rule of Emperor Commodus.

Lucilla Symbol

Lucilla SymbolThe Lucilla Symbol based on the character Lucilla, sister of Emperor Commodus and one time lover of Maximus, is one of the highest value symbols in Gladiator.

Payouts begin upon hitting only two or more Lucilla Symbols on a winning payline. Hitting three or more Lucilla Symbols provides a very decent return to the player.


Emperor Commodus Symbol

Gladiator Commodus SymbolThe last of the characters to feature from the film is the Emperor Commodus Symbol, Emperor Commodus being of course the main protaganist in the film opposite Crowe’s Maximus.

The Commodus Symbol is also the highest value symbol in play in the slot and starts paying out upon hitting two or more Commodus Symbols on a payline. In addition, should the Commodus Symbol appear on the third reel during the Coliseum Bonus Round, players are awarded an additional three free spins.

Helmet Symbol

Helmet SymbolThe Helmet Symbol is Gladiator’s wild symbol used in the game, which substitutes for all other symbols barring the scatter symbol, which I cover directly below.

In addition, the Helmet Symbol is the key to unlocking the Gladiator Bonus Round, whereby three or more Helmet Symbols appearing anywhere on the five reels will activate the Gladiator Bonus Round.


Coliseum Symbol

Coliseum SymbolThe last symbol to be covered and arguably the most important symbol in Gladiator is the Coliseum Symbol, which is the slot’s scatter symbol. Hitting three or more anywhere on the five reels then unlocks the Coliseum Bonus Round, the main bonus feature in Gladiator.

Furthermore, hitting two or more Coliseum Symbols anywhere on the five reels also provides an additional payout.


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